Jukebox For Sale

I restore and buy and sell Wurlitzer and Rock-Ola jukeboxes.  These machines are for sale in my showroom which you can come and visit by prior appointment. You can see further details by clicking the image.

Wurlitzer Estrella Jukebox

Wurlitzer Estrella 200 selections

Wurlitzer Niagara jukebox

Wurlitzer Niagara Electronic

Wurlitzer One More Time Vinyl 200

One More Time Vinyl 200

Lyric F 1969 001

Wurlitzer Lyric F jukebox 1969

Rock-Ola Capri Deluxe jukebox

Rock-Ola Capri jukebox

One More Time Jukebox

Wurlitzer One More Time Walnut 100CD

Rock-Ola Capri II

Rock-Ola Capri 11

Rock-Ola Princess Deluxe

Rock-Ola 435


Wurlitzer Lyric E

Wurlitzer Lyric E



Wurlitzer Baltic jukebox

Wurlitzer Baltic