Laser Replacement

CDM12  CDM Pro, CDM Pro 2

I selling a complete laser replacement kit for the Wurlitzer One More Time. This kit replaces the Philips CDM12, CDM Pro and CDM Pro 2.  This kit has been developed by Sound Leisure in Leeds as a replacement for their own machines and has been adapted to fit the Wurlitzer One More Time.  It comes with a one year warranty and is repairable and more future proof than the old Philips lasers.  It can be fitted by any competent person as full diagrams and instructions are also supplied.  All that is required is a screw driver.

£450 includes V.A.T. and postage for U.K.

Wurlitzer laser kit

One More Time Laser kit.

Wurlitzer One More Time laser kit.

Wurlitzer Laser Kit