Jukebox Manuals

Jukebox Manual Tempo

Over the past two years I have been creating a series of books called Jukebox Theory of Operation. It is a simplified version of the manual, with a flow chart approach and then individual circuit diagrams of that relevant part in the machine cycle. It speeds up fault finding and saves having to wade through a thick book.

At the moment I have only done Rock-Ola machines as listed below but will be doing Wurlitzer some time in the future.

All these manuals are available on your local Amazon store. I don’t sell them directly.

Rock-Ola Jukebox Theory of Operation available now.

1448, 1458, 1455, 1458,

Rock-Ola Tempo 1, 1475, 1468

Rock-Ola Tempo 2, 1478, 1485

Rock-Ola Regis/Empress 1488, 1495, 1496, 1497

Rock-Ola Princess 1493

Rock-Ola Rhapsody 408

(Stand models) 1484, 1494, 403, 430

Rock-Ola Capri 2. 414S

Rock-Ola Rhapsody 2, 418SA

Rock-Ola Coronado 431

Rock-Ola 442-443

Rock-Ola 444-445

Rock-Ola 448-449, 450-451

Rock-Ola 453-454

Rock-Ola 459-460

Rock-Ola 461-467

Rock-Ola 463-469