Jukeboxes Bought

Jukeboxes bought by Jukeboxes Direct Sheffield. I am always on the lookout for Wurlitzer or Rock-Ola machines in various conditions from spotless to basket cases.  There are several things to consider so make a note and have the information to hand before emailing or calling.

1) Make and model usually found on a black metal plate on the back of the jukebox.

2) Condition, mildew, broken glass, non-original parts etc.

3) Location [It costs me money to collect it].

4) I am a jukebox retailer therefore I will offer less than I would sell it for after it has been refurbished, repaired and tested.  I have to make a living.

5) I buy non-working machines at better prices than you could sell on Ebay.

6) I can not make a decision to buy something unless I see the machine to assess condition.  Therefore you must send me photos inside and out.

If you have a machine to sell please use the contact form or the email details below and I will be happy to discuss the project.

Thank you.